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Take the TOKE-Pill...

Is it a rabbit hole...or a black hole? Actually, both...

Tokemak in Layman's Terms - captainpearson.eth, 29 Jun 2022

Tokemak helps DAOs find long-term, committed liquidity. Users single-stake their tokens in a Token Reactor and then take their tABC tokens to the DAO's native dApp.

DeFi Dives: Intro to Tokemak - Kieran, 16 May 2022

No, not a TokAmak, but a TokEmak. I am not here to do a dive into nuclear fusion today. I wish I could jump to a discipline like that, but I am not a galaxy brain!

The Liquidity Wars: Impact - GH0ST08, 6 Apr 2022

As the effect of the liquidity black hole accelerates, we will see the impact not only on Curve and Convex, but across the rest of the Tokemak partners…

How Tokemak Solves the DeFi Liquidity Problem - Yuga Cohler, 10 Feb 2022

The incentive alignment of maximal liquidity deployed to DEXs leading to maximal rewards for reactor LPs is part of what makes Tokemak so attractive.

Tokemak Oil: Greed-onomics, Efficiency, and Ease of Use - GH0ST08, 8 Feb 2022

Tokemak is making DeFi easier for protocols and allowing them to focus more on their niche while simultaneously making DeFi easier to manage for individual users.

Field Guide to the Curve Wars: DeFi’s Fight for Liquidity - Nat Eliason, 4 Feb 2022

While Convex focuses primarily on Curve, Tokemak allows you to deploy tokens to any of the major DEXes. And by owning TOKE tokens, you can vote on how much liquidity different protocols get, and where they get it.

A Tokemak Thesis - Aurelius, 30 Jan 2022

Tokemak has already established itself as a key lego in the DeFi ecosystem, and is on its way to satisfy the Lindy Effect.

DeFi 2.0 Part 1: problems, solutions, plus a deep dive into Tokemak and OlympusDAO - Pontem Network, 28 Jan 2022

As of November 2021, Tokemak’s TVL (total value locked) stood at a whopping $1.4 billion, out of which $400M were in TOKE and $1BM in other assets. This is a very impressive result for a project that launched the first pools just weeks ago.

Seeking Sustainable Liquidity: Comparing Tokemak & ve(3,3) - AlchemixOccultx, 28 Jan 2022

While emissions for Tokemak are partly a way to bootstrap and outsource liquidity, the reactors incentivize ‘balance’ between the value of assets deposited and TOKE staked through dynamic emissions. This gives power to $TOKE holders and encourages active governance.

Liquidity is bandwidth - Web3 still needs its broadband moment - Liquidity Wizard, 12 Jan 2022

...liquidity in DeFi is currently in a dial-up state...Tokemak is a utility that attempts to usher in the broadband moment of liquidity bandwidth.

The Case for Tokemak-ximalism - Unlocking Web3’s electrical grid - Nick Hotz, 22 Dec 2021

One of the key unlocks that Tokemak can help bring about is the acceleration of social/organizational tokens into the mainstream...TOKE is not just a governance token, but is instead well integrated into the protocol as a core utility.

DeFi Project Spotlight: Tokemak, the Liquidity Black Hole - Stefan Stankovic, 1 Dec 2021

Tokemak is DeFi’s first Liquidity-as-a-Service product. It is designed to mitigate impermanent loss for liquidity providers and secure deep and sustainable liquidity for DeFi protocols. Tokemak reactors can help projects reduce their costs for securing and spending liquidity by roughly three to four times.

How Tokemak Automates Low-Risk Yield Farming - DeFriday #16 - Nat Eliason, 22 Oct 2021 creates a really virtuous cycle of incentives, where everyone wants everyone else to do as well as possible, since that’s also the individual-maximizing outcome.

Tokemak FAQ - Alchemix Governance - Tokemak FAQ, 22 Oct 2021

Tokemak has established an innovative way of providing liquidity.

Evolutions in Liquidity Sourcing – Tokenomics Explained - Logris the Bard, Oct 2021

How might DAOs get the same efficiency boost that Convex provides for Curve for their Sushiswap and Uniswap Pool 2’s? Enter Tokemak.

The Liquidity Singularity - Ben Giove/Bankless, 26 Aug 2021

Tokemak is a novel DeFi primitive aiming to create a liquidity infrastructure layer to be utilized by DAOs, new DeFi projects, market makers, exchanges, and power users.

DeFi Uncovered: The Battle for Attention - Luke Posey/Glassnode, 18 Aug 2021

Tokemak presents a potential new paradigm where collections of users and protocols can lobby and swing the weight of their votes towards managing large amounts of liquidity.

Tokemak raises $4M from Framework and DeFi investors to build a ‘liquidity reactor’ - Andrey Shevchenko, 20 Apr 2021

Tokemak is expected to be useful to “humble farmers” as well, Cook said, given that TOKE will be distributed through liquidity mining.

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