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  • A/V interviews & community calls with Tokemak team members
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Audio & Video Interviews

DeFine by Stake DAO interview - 17 Jun 2022, 30 min

Featuring Carson, Manuel, and Bruno of Tokemak

Permissionless Conference - 19 May 2022, 40 min

Panel featuring Carson Cook (Tokemak), Vance Spencer (Framework Ventures), Alan Chiu (Boba Network), & Ray Mogg (Tracer DAO).

The Fintech Blueprint: Carson Cook and Lex Sokolin - 27 Jan 2022, 45 min

Carson Cook sits down with Lex Sokolin to discuss Tokemak on The Fintech Blueprint Podcast. Contains a fascinating section in which Carson discusses his background in plasma physics and how it informed the design of Tokemak.

ShapeShift DAO with LiquidityWizard - 24 Nov 2021, 30 min

LiquidityWizard chats with ShapeShift DAO to discuss the next steps for the $FOX reactor.

Base Layer 224: Carson Cook - 15 Oct 2021, 25 min

Founder of Lattice on creating the Bloomberg Terminal for Digital Assets

4RC x Tokemak Deep Dive - 8 Sep 2021 (including transcript)

4RCapital hosted Liquidity Wizard for a Twitter Spaces -- check out the notes if you missed it!

Olympus Agora with Liquidity Wizard - 6 Sep 2021, 35 min

Dropkickdarren and Mark11 step inside the leaky reactor to talk all things liquidity, crypto and Olympus with our interview-of-the-week with Tokemak founder, Liquiditywizard (a.k.a Carson Cook).

Delphi Digital: Tokemak Is The Decentralized Liquidity Engine for DeFi

The Delphi Podcast Host and GP of Delphi Ventures Tom Shaughnessy hosts the Tokemak team (Carson Cook, Paul, Craig and Bruno) to discuss Tokemak, the decentralized liquidity engine for DeFi.

Bankless - The DeFi Singularity: Carson Cook - 26 Aug 2021, 40 min

Carson Cook is founder of Tokemak, a liquidity protocol which launched earlier in the summer, which aims to provide tooling and democratized strategies for moving capital around DeFi.

A decentralized market maker, a liquidity provider, an engine for capital efficiency - it's difficult to pin down exactly what Tokemak is. To fully grasp it, Carson introduces the topic of liquidity as bandwidth for crypto.

SushiSwap Onsen AMA - 17 Aug 2021, 1 hr 30 min

A SushiSwap community AMA featuring Tokemak

Bankless - DeFi 2.0 Summit - 10 Nov 2021, 1 hr 15 min

Among these five protocols is over $8 Billion total value locked. But what is DeFi 2.0? What primitives are changing, and where do we go from here?

From liquidity to self-paying loans to permissionless borrowing/lending, these projects intertwine and work to align incentives between protocols and users.

Interviews with Transcripts

Index Coop DeFridays with Liquidity Wizard - 11 Mar 2022, 1 hr (including transcript)

I don’t even think there are any competitors right’s very very hard, if not impossible, to fork Tokemak. ~ Carson Cook

Liquidity Wizard sits down with the Index Coop team to discuss Tokemak.

Lobis x Tokemak: DAOs, Membrane, and the Singularity - 12 Jan 2022, 1 hr (including transcript)

Olympus is a blackhole of value, Tokemak is a blackhole of liquidity, Lobis is a blackhole of governance.

Mr. E and the Lobis crew squeeze every ounce of alpha they can out of LiquidityWizard

Redacted Cartel Community Call AMA with Liquidity Wizard - 24 Jan 2022, 30 min

The Redacted team is joined by Carson Cook to discuss Tokemak

Stockhead: DeFi’s ‘broadband moment’ - 4 Aug 2021

Dozens of protocols compete for Tokemak’s first liquidity reactors - Stockhead

Written interview with Liquidity Wizard, end0xiii (community manager), and T0k3m3ch (tokenomics lead) Stockhead speaks to Tokemak’s team to learn why 42 top DeFi projects want the protocol’s first “sustainable” liquidity reactors so badly.

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