201: Tokemak Terminology

Staked TOKE

Staking TOKE allows users to receive boosted yield in the form of WETH.


Introduction to accTOKE

201 Level Reactors Course

TOKE holder are able to choose between directing liquidity and receiving more TOKE rewards in return, or locking their TOKE into the system as accTOKE to receive WETH rewards.

DAOs or power users who are interested in utilizing the Tokemak protocol for its liquidity deployment functionality are able to bolster their governance power by staking TOKE into the system and voting for Reactors.

accTOKE is similar to the vote-escrow model used by many other protocols such as Curve. Users can lock their TOKE into the system for up to 4 weekly Cycles, earning boosted rewards based on the duration.

Protocol Owned Assets